Kemo Kush Strain


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Kemo Kush Strain

Some strains become nearly legendary for their effects, others for their rarity and some for their history. In the case of UBC Chemo, it is a little bit of all three. Providing to many a powerful Indica stone, of the sort that leaves users unable to crawl to the fridge, many believe UBC Chemo to be pure Indica.

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Looks: Very dense and resinous buds. However, the Phenos were all quite consistent, with basically two slightly different expressions – a dark purple and green.
The Buds are absolutely covered in sugar, and will leave a nice pile of keif whenever you break open a nugget. Smells like lemony and pine, very nice aroma – not overpowering, but noticeable. When burning – it has a more distinct earthy and hashy smell.
Taste: Hashy, but if you toke slowly and let the smoke draw across your tongue, it is distinctly sweet- almost like sugar. This may just be a byproduct of my growing methods though as I grow in organic soil.
Potency: Very strong. A couple puffs off a joint and I’m good and medicated for a couple hours. Really easy to overdo it though.
Effects: I grow this strain for my nighttime medicine. My problems being stomach pain, nausea, and trouble sleeping due to the pain. This is a wonderful plant for boosting my appetite, and turning the dial down on my stomach pain. I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks, but this bud never gives me a hint of paranoia – and it works wonders for helping me sleep. I can function during the day fine if I take small tokes as needed, but one extra hit though, and it will lock you to the couch – the line is that fine. No sativa qualities at all, except it does seem to make me laugh at things much easier. If you suffer from stomach troubles like me, or you want just a really good indica plant that is super easy to grow – this is your girl.

THC 20.042 %
CBD 0.454%


One of my favorites, if not my favorite strain I have acquired over the years. Chemo shows you no mercy, so this strain is definitely not for the inexperienced. To start, the buds themselves were covered in crystals and trichomes, and, excuse me for my wording, but honestly had the cutest orange curly hairs I’ve ever seen on a bud. It was beautiful. It also smoked great. It had a very earthy and woody taste to it, with a hint of nuttiness, and sometimes even chocolate. The high left me feeling completely at ease. I was really creative, and able to still function and let my creative energies going. I was able to sketch and work on a few sewing pattern I had, but it kept me locked in my seat. After a while, the creativeness fades into a nice, relaxing body high that washed away my pain and left me wanting food and a nap. Not for the beginners, and definitely not one to use before work, but this strain is a powerhouse for those with chronic pain lack of appetite.

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