Orange Crush


Orange crush  sativa dominate hybrid strain for connoisseurs. This strain is good for Depression, Appetite & Socializing. These flavorful and citrus buds come from a cross of orange and blueberry strains. The seeds are from California This strain was handcrafted to meet the demands of working medical patients. Uplifting and euphoric, it provides users with mental clarity while deeply relaxing muscles. It enhances appetite, helps with anxiety, and yet leaves you sociable. Smells amazing and has a dense bud caked with teech , sweet citrus aromas and flavors.  High in THC and CBD this is very well balanced and strong …definitely a must have for your top shelf 🙂

THC: 25.7%
CBD: 3.77%
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Orange Crush, a 80% sativa dominant hybrid that comes from a mix of orange and blueberry strains. Due to its mass THC content the bud carries a orange/green color with a very citrus smell, and hard dense buds. This stain is best for chemotherapy patients because it increases your appetite and suppresses nausea while still giving you an uplifting and happy experience. This strain will make your mouth water because of its intense smell and taste. When smoked you get a very refreshing sense of relief, though uplifting, this strain brings on a amazing body stone that doesn’t make you tired or lazy but energizes you to be the best you can be. The best way to explain the effects is that it makes you happy, your going to enjoy what your doing and still be able to accomplish your goal. A great strain for day time use. great strain for depression, nausea, appetite and energy. This strain doesn’t come around often so take advantage while you can and get yourself some of that refreshing orange crush.
Mack-A-Roolack Reviews:

“One of my favorite Strains, the flavor is amazing, the high is perfect for leveling out my mind on a stressful day. This is a go-to choice any and every time.”

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